Man and women hugging
The year to make your relationship soar!
To see the truth about ordinary relationships;
To consciously create extraordinary relationships;
And to live fulfilling relationships!

Put yourself into explorer mode and discover for yourself what almost no one has seen about human relationships - mainly because no one has been asking a crucial question: “What is a relationship... really?”

Not knowing what a relationship is, you and countless others, including relationship experts, fall into the common and almost endless pattern of working at fixing, tolerating or ending relationships.

As you become aware of what a relationship actually is, issues and concerns dissolve almost magically and give way to new possibilities for your relationships - including the possibility of creating and designing your relationships based on powerful new insights and principles.

Creating your relationships, unconstrained by doubt and fear, allows them to soar.

"Lon and Sandy led a dynamic, provocative, insightful workshop that left me feeling profoundly connected to my fiancé in a way we had not experienced before. I am more excited than ever to create our future together." ~ Donna R.

"Of all the growth and development courses I’ve done, this one was the most profound in making a difference in my relationships." ~ Carol K.