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It's Time To Get Real
About Your Relationships!

It’s time to let go of your fantasies and confront the real nature and design of relationships.

The source of all breakdowns in relationships is, in fact, not knowing fundamental truths about relationships. That’s why tips and techniques aimed at fixing relationships don’t work. And that’s why people are mired in the endless cycle of fixing, tolerating, or ending relationships.

When you see for yourself the true nature and design of relationships, what you say and what you do become effective. Repetitive concerns and conflicts dissolve and are replaced by peace, ease and satisfaction.

Hundreds of participants in our workshops have gained clarity and freedom – and access to being fulfilled in their relationships.

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It’s time to realize that neither you nor others are causing the upsets, disappointments and frustrations in your relationships

"Lon and Sandy led a dynamic, provocative, insightful workshop that left me feeling profoundly connected to my fiancé in a way we had not experienced before. I am more excited than ever to create our future together." ~ Donna R.

"Of all the growth and development courses I’ve done, this one was the most profound in making a difference in my relationships." ~ Carol K.
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