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Relationship By Design’s transformational workshop, “Relationship: The Real Deal,” is now available all the time, everywhere, for everyone for just $49!
Have you ever wished Sandy and Lon could be your constant companions? Now is your chance!
This 9 hour audio course is a companion to our book Relationship: The Real Deal. You can enjoy the course conveniently from your podcast app of choice on your mobile device.
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Until you understand the fundamental nature of relationships, you are trapped, with only three responses to unfulfilling relationships: fix them, tolerate them, or abandon them. 
In this audio course, you will discover what’s behind all of the issues that arise in relationships.  Problems that you have been dealing with will dissolve and disappear. Rather than struggling to repair your relationships, you will be free to design them.
Who will benefit from this online course?  Anyone in a relationship of any kind that is important to them - couples, colleagues, coaches, business partners, friends, anyone really!
How it works: The course consists of audio conveniently delivered to your podcast app of choice sourced from video recordings of a live two-day workshops in which participants engage in conversations with Sandy and Lon Golnick, the founders of Relationship By Design.

You will address the material covered in those conversations as you go through the course. At times you will be instructed to stop the video (audio) and undertake the exercises assigned to the participants in the recorded workshop, exercises designed to have you see for yourself the truth of the discoveries of the participants in the recorded workshop. Those discoveries will become yours.

The online audio course is presented in ten audio modules, totaling more than eight hours of eye-opening conversations. We recommend you schedule time to go through the entire course in one week or two, as each module builds on the previous modules. Allow time to do the exercises as you schedule your course.

While it is possible to take the course individually, this course is most beneficial when it is shared between two people who are in any relationship that is important to them.