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Extraordinary Relationship: CREATING IT Workshop

For those that are graduates of Relationship: The Real Deal but have NOT completed the CREATING IT workshop...

take the next step towards "The Path of Extraordinary Relationship!"


And what better game than to reinvent your relationship? Everything you need to do that is available in our Creating Extraordinary Relationship workshop.

After you’ve discovered what a relationship actually is, and you’re no longer caught up in the futility of fixing, changing and tolerating your relationship, you can start creating and designing an Extraordinary Relationship together.

But what comprises an Extraordinary Relationship? What differentiates an extraordinary relationship from both an ordinary relationship and a pipe dream? And how does it jibe with the fact that you cannot escape ordinary relationship?

Extraordinary Relationship: CREATING IT is two days of creating a new context and a design for your relationship, applying previously unthought-of extraordinary design features.

This is not a “how to” workshop. Rather, it enhances your own power to create something unique together.

Reminder: This workshop must be done as a twosome with someone with whom you are in a relationship that is important to you.

Prerequisite: Relationship: THE REAL DEAL (LIVE workshop).