Nov 7-8, 2020

Living Extraordinary Relationships: TO HONOR

Living Extraordinary Relationships: TO HONOR

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TO HONOR: What is it to honor another person, REALLY? Is honor something that can only be given or received? And what does it have to do with ordinary people in daily life? How does honoring show up in relationships? How could it show up?

Building on your discoveries and accomplishments in the Extraordinary Relationship: Creating It workshop, you have the opportunity to ongoingly design your relationship.

Extraordinary Relationship: Living It, the third in our series of workshops designed for mastering the art of relationship, is actually a set of two-day workshops made available two to three times a year, often in vacation settings.

These workshops are about transforming common, everyday issues in relationships - e.g. money, intimacy, fear, love, family, priorities, etc. - into experiences of extraordinary relationship through unconventional and innovative conversations in a community of people with a similar dedication to exploring and expanding the experience of extraordinary relationship. Whatever the “issues,” you gain the experience of “we’ve got this!” together.

Prerequisites: Relationship: The Real Deal and Extraordinary Relationship: Creating It

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