April 17-18, 2021

The Path of Extraordinary Relationship

The Path of Extraordinary Relationship

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Building on 20 years of work with relationships of all kinds, Relationship By Design now offers you the opportunity for discovery and creation in a two-part, live online workshop, The Path of Extraordinary Relationship. 

Each part consists of two days of engaging with the leaders and your fellow participants in  a unique, eye-opening exploration of relationships.

Part 1: The Truth about Relationships 

In Part 1 you will discover the truth about the fundamental nature and design of human relationships. Over the course of a weekend, as you unveil what is operating unseen behind all the issues that arise in relationships, problems dissolve and disappear. You’re no longer caught up in the futility of fixing, changing and tolerating your relationship. Instead, you can start creating and designing an extraordinary relationship together. 

Part 2: Creating an Extraordinary Relationship 

Everything you need to renew and redesign your relationship is available in the two days of Part 2. You will discover what  differentiates an extraordinary relationship from an ordinary relationship and a pipe dream. During the course of this weekend, you create a new context and a design for your relationship, applying design features that will challenge and expand your imagination of what an extraordinary relationship is. 

The relationship you design together will be your unique creation.

Requirements and Registration

The discovery and creation of The Path of Extraordinary Relationship must be undertaken together with someone with whom you have a relationship that is important to you.

When you register, you must reserve two weekends – one weekend for each part of the workshop – to be completed within a 3-month span of time. 

A tuition of $1090 covers both parts of the workshop for two people. You can choose to pay in full upon registration. Or you can pay in two installments of $560 each. (This option includes a $30 administrative charge.) The second installment  must be paid within 30 days after registration.

Workshop Registration

Please read carefully before registering