Relationship: The Real Deal Online Course

Relationship By Design’s transformational workshop, “Relationship: The Real Deal,” is now available all the time, everywhere, for everyone for just $197!

All the content of our original workshop is now offered in an online video course format that allows anyone to explore the nature of relationship at their own pace, on their own schedule, in their own home.

Until you understand the fundamental nature of relationships, you are trapped, with only three responses to unfulfilling relationships: fix them, tolerate them, or abandon them. 

In this workshop, as you discover what’s really behind all of the issues that arise in relationships, problems dissolve and disappear. Rather than struggling to repair your relationships, you will be free to design them.

Who will benefit from this new online course format?

  • Anyone who has not been able to join us for a live workshop because of schedule or cost!
  • Couples or other twosomes who cannot attend a live workshop simultaneously – the online course provides complete flexibility!
  • Anyone who has completed the live Real Deal workshop in the past and wants to refresh the insights and distinctions they discovered. 

While the online format makes it possible to take the course individually, this course is most beneficial when it is shared between two people who are in any relationship that is important to them. Whether you do the course individually or as a twosome, the cost is only $197!