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Relationship The Real Deal

Relationship the Real Deal

The TRUTH... at last

Relationship: The Real Deal returns couples to the experience of freedom, ease, and satisfaction that is natural to relationship by revealing the real causes of the breakdowns that displace that experience.

Relationship is the natural state of being human and is fundamental to everyone’s experience of being known, valued, and fulfilled. So how is it that many relationships which begin with love or friendship turn sour... or even collapse?

In straightforward, lighthearted language, founders of RelationshipByDesign™ Lon and Sandy Golnick guide couples on a journey through their own experience, rather than feeding them data from endless studies of others in an attempt to help understand their own relationship. Readers discover how they were destined to experience disappointments, upsets, and frustrations in a relationship and why attempts to improve, fix, or change their relationship, their partner, and themselves only exacerbate the problems. Lon and Sandy disclose hidden truths about the nature and design of relationship and illuminate previously unseen mechanisms that undermine all relationships.

Relationship: The Real Deal is an opportunity for couples to break free of relationship killers and experience freedom - a pathway for creating new relationships unfettered by the past.


Tens of thousands of books on the subject of relationships are listed on

This is the only one that cuts through the mass of tips, habits, prescriptions, steps and "secrets,” etc. and tells the truth about the nature and design of human relationships.

Lon & Sandy do not give you more statistics, solutions, and instructions. They open our eyes to what is lurking unseen in the background that makes all of the tips and solutions ultimately ineffective.

What you discover allows you to regain your natural relatedness and puts you on the path of mastery of the art of relationships.

Kristen Moeller
Bestselling Author, publisher & TEDx speaker

Personal Reviews

“If living in a cave is for you, DO NOT READ this book. If, however, you have relationships in your life, you will want what Sandy and Lon have to say!! Over the years, we have benefited from the many relationship conversations. As we continue to explore this area, we find that it is like an endless gold mine, continuing to produce treasures that we could not have predicted. Buy and read this one.” ~ Carol and Jeff England

Relationship: The Real Deal invites you to wake up, immerse yourself in the language of relationships and be willing to relinquish your assumptions. You are given an opportunity to look deeply, ask essential questions, and courageously be with what is so that you may encounter the possibility of experiencing wholeness, a “natural freedom, peace and ease” in your relationships.” ~ Kay Fletcher, RN, Ordained Minister

Relationship: The Real Deal is a powerful, insightful book that captures the essence of being in a relationship. For example,
the notion that language is central to understanding and creating a relationship is paradigm-shifting and profoundly hopeful. This book is not about working on a relationship but expressing yourselves through your couple.” ~ Phyllis Koch-Sheras, PHD and Peter Sheras, PHD, clinical psychologists and authors of Lifelong Love: 4 steps to Creating and Maintaining an Extraordinary Relationship. Co-founders of Couples Coaching Couples.

“Lon and Sandy Golnick’s Relationship: The Real Deal, The TRUTH….at Last! will leave you empowered to experience fulfillment in all of your relationships. Once the mystery is removed you will find that you don’t need tips or techniques to relate powerfully. Your natural ability to be related to others will return. And it’s easier than you think.” ~ Penny Berman, writer