Backing into the future? –Part 2

Any time you’re moving away from something, you’re moving toward something else.

March 11, 2021

When we ask the question, “Are you backing into the future?” we mean to have you consider where you’re going when you’re leaving something. Leaving a relationship, for example.

Any time you’re moving away from something, you’re moving toward something else. But when you are focused on what you’re moving away from, you are unaware of what you’re moving toward. When you are intent on “getting out” of something, you’re likely to have little attention on what you’re “getting into.”  

It’s very difficult to see where you’re going while you’re looking back at where you’ve been. In leaving something, often people haven’t generated something that they’re moving toward. So they end up in a default future shaped by “not what’s been.” 

When you apply this observation to your relationships, you may see that you’ve been so intent on getting out of a particular situation that you fail to see what you’re getting into. You may be so focused on backing away from a particular thing happening in your relationship, or even on backing out of the relationship itself, that you fail to see what you’re backing into. You’re backing into a future shaped by “not that past” versus consciously moving toward a new future.

In many cases, people have left relationships marriages, business partnerships, friendships, etc. only to “back into” similar relationships because they haven’t designed a future to fulfill. They’re facing back toward what they don’t want rather than facing forward toward the future they intend to build. They’re backing away from the past and “backing into the future.”

It’s freeing to leave the past in the past, i.e. to turn your back on it, and face the future that you intend to create.   

It takes some “looking to the future” in addition to “leaving the past behind” to design a fulfilling relationship. And you don’t necessarily need a different partner to move forward into a new future that you create together.

We’re available to assist you in turning around and moving into a new future in your relationships.

With our love and best wishes in walking into created futures with your eyes wide open.
Lon&Sandy and Carol&Paul

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