What about Thanksgiving?

This Thanksgiving – and beyond – we invite you to turn being thankful into the action of thanking others in your life.

November 22, 2021

In our culture, Thanksgiving is a time for thankfulness, the expression of gratitude for the blessings and benefits we’ve received in our lives. 

But we’ve realized that so often we have found ourselves thanking fate or “our lucky stars” or God or life in general, and not thanking each other – and others in our family and our communities – for their presence in our life. Around Thanksgiving time, we often say how thankful we are, but we have seldom actually said, “Thank you for you. You are a wonderful blessing in our life.”

For instance, it occurs to us that at our Thanksgiving dinner, we can fully thank our daughters – and the rest of our family – for the way they are being in our life, as well as for what they have done for us. In addition to being thankful for them, we can actually thank them.

It’s not uncommon for Thanksgiving Day to have become a set of practices – gatherings, meals and activities – that we schedule. We invite you to shift your attention to those around you with whom you are in relationships, and express to them your thankfulness and appreciation for them. Without them, your life would likely be quite dreary.

While it’s easy and normal to find fault with ourselves and others, now is the opportunity to offset that with expressions of being thankful for them. Many people have incorporated being grateful as a satisfying way of being in life, which is way beyond an annual ritual. 

This Thanksgiving – and beyond – we invite you to turn being thankful into the action of thanking others in your life. And we thank you for holding us as an “us” and a “we.” 

With our love, appreciation and thankfulness, 

Lon&Sandy and Carol&Paul 

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