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Everyone Starts Here as a prerequisite for all other workshops
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Relationship: The Real Deal is a two-day workshop in which you will discover the truth about the basic nature and design of human relationships. As you unveil what’s really behind all of the issues that arise in relationships, problems dissolve and disappear. Then, rather than trying to repair relationships, you will be able to redesign them – inside the model of a game worth playing.


Extraordinary Relationship: Creating It

This is the 2nd in a series of 3 workshops.

This Extraordinary Relationship: Creating It workshop is three days of discovering previously unthought-of design features of extraordinary relationships. You will begin by distinguishing a real extraordinary relationship from the fantasy. You will also distinguish a created “WE-based” model for relationship from the default “I-based” model. With newly discovered design features in hand, you will begin the practice of designing your own extraordinary relationship.

  • This workshop must be done as a twosome with someone with whom you are in a relationship that is important to you
  • Travel & lodging not included for vacation workshops
  • Prerequisite > Relationship: The Real Deal


This is the 3rd in a series of 3 workshops.

Extraordinary Relationship: Living It is the third of our series of workshops designed for mastering the art of relationship. It is actually a set of week-long workshops made available two to three times a year in vacation settings. These workshops are designed to explore – from a relational perspective – issues that arise in everyday life. Topics include Money, Intimacy, Creativity, Promises, Fear, Family and Community. In each case, the workshop is designed to see common, everyday issues in unconventional and innovative ways that quite naturally result in exquisite experiences of relationship.

  • Travel & lodging not included
  • Prerequisite > Relationship: The Real Deal


For those who are unable to arrange their schedule to attend one of our workshops, or who may be uncomfortable in exploring relationships with or among others, we offer coaching programs designed specifically for you to accomplish the work and to gain the insights required to transform your relationship(s).

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