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to discover what a relationship is > to create extraordinary relationships > and to live them!

If you are intent on taking your relationship to another level - beyond the ordinary, yet free of the seductive (yet ultimately disappointing) enchantment of fantasy, we can be your guide.

We’ll lead you through the recognition of symptoms of ordinary (not bad) relationships, to the design principles of extraordinary (not good) relationships, and into your power to create your own extraordinary relationship out of common issues and concerns. Your journey with us will result in the experience of peace, ease and power in your relationship.

We offer a series of LIVE-ONLINE, interactive workshops - or coaching for those who may be uncomfortable in group settings - in which you will (1) uncover that which destines every relationship to becoming ordinary, (2) create a new context and design for an extraordinary relationship, and (3) ongoingly discover new ways of thinking and relating to the everyday challenges that inevitably occur in relationships.

Our programs are not designed to simply enlighten or educate individuals about relationships. They’re designed to transform relationships. Thus, we require that you participate with someone with whom you have a relationship that is important to you. That someone can be a mate, a family member, a co-worker, a friend, etc.  If you have questions about that, please contact us.

We also now offer a recorded, “entry level” course that you can view to be exposed to the basics of Relationship By Design’s revolutionary discoveries and offerings. It is a 10-hour course that we strongly recommend/urge you to also participate in together with someone with whom you have a relationship that is important to you. 

Relationship: THE REAL DEAL Course

About the workshop
Testimony from the workshop

Relationship: THE REAL DEAL Workshop

About the workshop
Testimony from the workshop

This is the first workshop in the series of three that we offer. It is a LIVE-ONLINE workshop that spans two days - Saturday and Sunday (approximately 18 total hours, including breaks).

In the Relationship: The Real Deal workshop, you will discover the truth about the default nature and design of human relationships - and what a relationship is! As you unveil what’s really behind all of the issues that arise in relationships (hint: it’s neither one of you.), problems dissolve and disappear. Then, rather than trying to repair your relationship, you will be able to design it – inside the model of a game worth playing.

This is an “entry-level” course, and the minimum work that you must complete to be eligible for our Extraordinary Relationship workshops, Creating It and Living It. 

The course is intended to guide you in unconcealing what a relationship actually is. In participating in this course, you will also uncover the up-until-now-hidden pitfalls that undermine every human  relationship. The discoveries will usher you into a renewed freedom, peace and ease in your relationship.     

In doing this “self-paced” course, including the exercises that you are instructed and/or recommended to do, you will encounter the shared insight and understanding that will enable you to engage in the creation and design of your relationship for the future.

Extending RBD to Europe

Having accepted an invitation to extend the reach of Relationship By Design (RBD) to Europe, we have arranged to lead initial LIVE ONLINE workshops exclusively for the European community. In the process, we will train Swedish colleagues to produce and lead RBD programs in Europe in the near future. We welcome your participation.

Best wishes for radiant relationships.


Extraordinary Relationship: CREATING IT

This workshop is the second in the series of three. It is a two-day, LIVE-ONLINE workshop. (Saturday and Sunday - approximately 18 total hours, including breaks).

After the Real Deal workshop or course, when you are no longer working so hard at fixing, changing or tolerating your relationship, you can start creating and designing an extraordinary relationship together.

In the Extraordinary Relationship: Creating It workshop, you will identify attributes that are unique to extraordinary relationships; features that are truly extraordinary. You will create a new context for your relationship and gain access to a shared experience of oneness and purpose in which you can design your relationship. You will also engage in the practice of designing your own extraordinary relationship.

This is not a “how to” workshop. Rather, it enhances your own power to create something unique together.

Prerequisite: Relationship: The Real Deal, course or workshop

Extraordinary Relationship: LIVING IT

This is the third in our series of three workshops. Living It workshops take place LIVE-ONLINE over the period of two days (Saturday and Sunday, approximately 18 total hours including breaks).

As the third in the series of workshops, Extraordinary Relationship: Living It is actually a set of workshops made available two to three times a year - often in vacation settings. These workshops are designed to explore – from a relational perspective – issues that arise in everyday life. Topics include Money, Intimacy, Creativity, Promises, Fear, Family and Community - and new topics as people request them. In each case, the workshop is designed for you to see common, everyday issues in unconventional and innovative ways that quite naturally result in wonderful experiences of extraordinary relationship.

Prerequisites: Relationship: The Real Deal (course or workshop) and Extraordinary Relationship: Creating It.



For those who are unable to arrange their schedule to attend one of our workshops, or who may be uncomfortable in exploring relationships with or among others, we offer customized coaching programs designed specifically for you to do the work and to gain the insights and practices required to transform your relationship.

In every case, the basics of our workshops get included as we coach you into new insights, principles and possibilities for your relationship.

Find out if working with us would make a difference in your relationships.

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