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A new future is waiting for your relationships!

We call it -

The Path of Extraordinary Relationship
in Twelve Convenient 2-hour Sessions

To enable people in Europe to participate in The Path of Extraordinary Relationship workshop together with people in the US, we are making the workshop available in a series of twelve 2-hour sessions this fall and winter ... live, online!

Each session will begin in Europe at: 7 pm Central European Time (CET), 6 pm London Time (WET).
In the USA at: 10 am Pacific (PT) / 1 pm Eastern (ET),
on Zoom with the following dates: 


Session 1
October 20, 2021
Session 2
October 27, 2022
Session 3
November 3, 2021
Session 4
November 24, 2021
Session 5
December 1, 2021
Session 6
December 8, 2021


Session 7
January 19, 2022
Session 8
January 26, 2022
Session 9
February 9, 2022
Session 10
February 16, 2022
Session 11
March 2, 2022
Session 12
March 9, 2022

Between sessions, you will engage with assignments designed for you to discover something in your own life about the nature of relationships. All sessions will be recorded and available to participants for the duration of the workshop. 

This workshop is for twosomes in a relationship that matters to them – such as spouses, partners, family members, close friends, or business colleagues. 

The tuition is $1090 USD per twosome.

Join us for this inaugural 12-session workshop!