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A new future is waiting for your relationships!

We call it -

The Path of Extraordinary Relationship


In the culmination of 20 years of experience in exploring the nature and design of human relationships, RelationshipByDesign, LLC is offering a two-part, interactive workshop designed to transform any and every kind of relationship. It’s called The Path of Extraordinary Relationships.

Part 1: The Truth about Relationships

In Part 1 of “The Path,” you will discover what is actually underneath the disappointments, upsets and frustrations that show up in every relationship. Obviously it’s not “personal.” If it were, at least a few relationships would escape those experiences; and yet none do.

 As you “shine a light on” what is actually “running the show” in relationships, problems dissolve and disappear. You are no longer caught up in the futility of fixing, tolerating and changing relationships. Instead, you are ready to start creating and designing extraordinary relationships.

Part 2: Creating Extraordinary Relationships

‍All that is needed for designing relationships is available in these two days. You will discover what differentiates extraordinary relationships from “happily every after” pipe dreams. During this weekend, you will create a new context and design for your own relationship. You will challenge the limits of your imagination of what’s possible in a relationship, and you will design a relationship that is your unique creation.


The Path of Extraordinary Relationship must be undertaken by two people in a relationship that is important to both.

The workshop is presented over two non-secutive weekends (four days total) during which you will engage with RelationshipByDesign leaders and other participants in a unique, eye-opening exploration of relationships.

The tuition is $1090 for two people. Is it NOT good timing for you? Click here to register your intention to attend The Path of Extraordinary Relationship sometime in the future.

For those of you that have attended Relationship: The Real Deal and want to complete The Path of Extraordinary Relationship (recommended), the cost is $545 for your twosome. You can register below.