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A new future is waiting for your relationships!

We call it -

The Path of Extraordinary Relationship


Building on 20 years of work with relationships of all kinds, Relationship By Design now offers you the opportunity for discovery and creation in a two-part, live online workshop, The Path of Extraordinary Relationship.

RelationshipByDesign offers a live online workshop, The Path of Extraordinary Relationship. Over two weekends (four days total) you will engage with RelationshipByDesign leaders and other participants in a unique, eye-opening exploration of relationships.

Part 1: The Truth about Relationships

In Part 1, you will discover the truth about the fundamental nature and design of human relationships. As you unveil what is operating unseen behind all the issues that arise in relationships, problems dissolve and disappear. You’re no longer caught up in the futility of fixing, tolerating, and changing relationships. Instead, you are ready to start creating and designing an extraordinary relationship with your partner.

Part 2: Creating Extraordinary Relationships

‍All that is needed for designing your relationship is available in these two days. You will discover what differentiates an extraordinary relationship from a pipe dream. During this weekend, you will create a new context and design for your relationship. You will challenge the limits of your imagination of what’s possible in a relationship. Together you will design a relationship that is your unique creation.


The Path of Extraordinary Relationship must be undertaken by two people in a relationship that is important to both.

The tuition is $1090 for two people.

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